Unrealistic Expectations: Dream Guy

“Girls, stop waiting for that perfect guy. There’s no such thing as fairy tales. Your life isn’t an 80’s movie. If you push that boy away, he’s not gonna come back and comfort you. He’s gonna leave. Life isn’t like a movie. Stop expecting it to be. But there is such a thing as love. So find it, just with your hopes not as high.” – Reality 

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of having a fairy-tale like wedding. I have dreamed of the day I meet and marry my prince charming. I’m 20 years old now. And I am just barley realizing that my expectations have been unrealistic. What expectations exactly am I talking about? Well, how many of you ladies reading this post, have ever made a list of your dream guy’s characteristics. I mean, having it all mapped out on paper.. What he looks like, what he acts like, what he likes and dislikes, when you meet, where you meet.. All that! Well, if I am the only one, there’s no shame in my game cause I’ve learned my lesson.

At the top of my list, I had the physical characteristics of blonde hair and blue eyes. This new guy that I have a huge crush on right now, meets neither of those things. Today, my friend suggested to me, that he may be the one. Dude! My heart fluttered with joy. Seriously, what if! That’d be amazing. But there’s just one thing. He doesn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes. In fact, he’s black, like me.

How ashamed I was, that I said that aloud. How dare I, get so caught up in my “dream guy” list,  that I could possibly past up the best thing that could ever happen to me. I thank God for opening my eyes so that I could finally see my error. I have prayed and prayed and now I am just having faith, waiting patiently and enjoying my season of singleness. So I believe that God has something, or shall I say someone, perfect, just for me. I just have to trust him, that when the time is right, everything will fall into place. I don’t wan’t to miss out on my blessing, because I judge someone the wrong way. Especially, because they don’t match up to my lil’ list. What God has for me, is better than anything I can even imagine to add to the list. Yes, I really do believe that.

So, I encourage you to re-check your expectations. Whether it’s concerning your love life, or something else. Once you pray and leave it up to God to do the work in your life.. look for it. Look for that prayer to be answered. It may not come together they way you’d like it to. But trust me, God’s plan is best. Sometimes, he’s simply waiting for us to surrender our will to his. Our will includes our expectations.

“Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart. Wait I say, on the Lord.” – Psalms 27:14



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