Trusting God with my Love Life

        Dear God,

For so long I have dreamed of the day, when I will finally meet my prince. I have had my shares of romance and broken hearts, and I’m forever grateful that you mended, healed and put me back together again. Today, I find myself in a place of anxiousness. I find myself impatient, hurrying the day that I am carried away in the arms of a man that will love me for who I am, flaws and all.

But you.. You are the only man I need. That is why I am choosing to turn my love life over to you. I have made up in my heart and mind, to be content with where I am today. I am blessed to have my family, friends, work and school. And the best thing I could ever attain in this world is your love, and I already have that! So thank you, for loving me in spite of me.

You’ve loved me, in spite of all my imperfections, blemishes and mistakes. You’ve put up with my impatience, complaints and selfishness. Truth is, you love me like no man can. And I don’t deserve anyone else, if I can’t even be appreciative for your love alone. You are enough. Your love is enough. And, though my hearts desire is to meet the man of my dreams.. You are the man of my life.

So here I surrender, my love life to you. Do with it what you please. For you and only you, know what and who is best for me. You know the time and the place, you hold the moment in the palm of your hands..  The moment when we first meet face to face, and experience the first spark.

I love you and I trust you. It’s in your hands, completely.

With Love, 



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