Bookshelf Worthy

My successes were failures. I wrote two books. Both were just okay. Good. Mediocre. Yesterday it hit me. I must try again. Yes, this means that I will be writing a new book. This time.. it will be a success. In order for failures to turn into successes, you must first identify the mistakes that were made, and come up with solutions, so that those same mistakes aren’t made again. In this instance, my biggest problem was rushing. I didn’t give myself enough time to write, let alone edit. I did it the wrong way. I gave in at the first opportunity. I signed the wrong contract. I have never admitted that to anyone before.

So many times, I have been cut and dry about the whole thing. I have hinted at making a mistake, as far the publisher I chose to go with, but I’m done dancing around the truth. Greatness and Success takes Time and Dedication. Therefore, it may take me months to decide on what I will write about. And it may take years to write this book completely. However, I am not going to pressure myself.

I thought that the books I have out right now was bookshelf worthy. I was wrong. But it is one of my aspirations to write a book worthy of being on bookstore shelves and maybe even a best seller? With God anything and everything is possible.. Refer to one of my recent blogs for more on that. So with this admission, I can finally break free. I embrace the mistakes I made, though I have my regrets. I am looking forward to beginning this great journey to success.

For more info on my last two book, google search: “Brokennedy: Broken and Needy” and “Shout Out to the World: The Spoken Words of a Floetic Soul.”



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