Sunday Inspiration


A Word from God to you..


I want you to expect great things to happen

Don’t look at the other people around you, judging by what’s happening in their lives

But rather look at what I’ve already done for you

I love you and love is an action, verb

I show my love for you, word


I’m God, I can’t lie

So my promises to you

I will fulfill

All you need to do is trust me

I know your thoughts, desires, struggles and heartbreakes

Son, daughter.. Your’ battle is already won

So just walk into the light

The darkness is of the past

At last, the victory is yours


I never said the road would be easy

But it won’t be like this, all the time

So just sit back and breathe

Let me handle it

Nothing is too hard for me


Sometimes you may trip, stumble and fall

And people may let you down

But I’m not human. I’m God.

And I won’t let you down

I got your back. Promise.


With Love,



Poem by: ☮♡FloeticSoul


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