Christian and Single? Surviving the Single Season Pt. 2

Surviving the Single Season 

Part 2. Stay Prayerful

medium_8110375866Being a Christian single is a journey. Often times, we find that it can be a lonely one. Being Christian, there is already a separation from the world. And to be single.. That is one less companion we can lean on. Though there are many of us that feel this way, we must realize that we are never truly alone. Besides having friends, family, coworkers and associates, we have God. He promises us in his word that he will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5, KJV). 

During the single season, it is our responsibility to draw close to God. Have you ever thought about the reason behind there being a single season? Yes, from the very beginning, God created Eve so Adam would not be alone. The Bible even tells us that it is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18, KJV). So what exactly is the purpose of a single season? I believe the number one  purpose of having a  season of singleness is so that we can strengthen our relationship with God.

Look at it this way.. The most important relationship you can ever build is a healthy, strong, thriving relationship with God. And why should we ever hesitate to do so? God is love. If we can get close to God, who is love himself, then when the time comes, we will recognize true love, because human love… Well, it’s easy to be deceived by human love. Love is a word used so loosely now-a-days, that it can easily be a cover-up description of lust and infatuation. I’m not saying this is always the case… But, in some cases, it is. Love is blinding remember?

So in your season of singleness, make it a priority to dedicate quality time, everyday, to spend with God. He loves it when we spend time with him; reading his word, meditating on his goodness, singing songs of praise and worship..adoration. And, when we are going through, he tells us clearly, to cast our cares upon him, because he cares about us (1 Peter 5:7, KJV). He cares, deeply, about what we are going through. Not only that, but when we do feel lonely or unloved? No body can understand us and how we feel, better than him. Now isn’t that someone you’d want to have a close relationship with?

Stay prayerful. Develop a love for reading Gods words and learning what his desire for you life is. Be willing to humble yourself and wait for God to answer your prayers, giving to you the desires of your heart. So join me this week, in making it a priority, to get closer to God. It doesn’t matter where your starting line begins.. Whether you start with reading your bible 10 minuets a day, praying before you eat, or an giving him an hour of your day, every day.. It doesn’t matter. As long as you make an effort to create a change in your relationship with him. He will honor you for doing so.

The single season is not always the exciting adventure of experiencing independence that some people make it out to be. Of course! Being single has its perks, even I can’t deny that. But, it can be a challenge sometimes. But it’s for a reason. Once the reason has been fulfilled, then you can move onto the next season. Trust God’s timing, and his perfect plan for your life.

May God Bless you as you continue on your journey..



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