Wednesday Inspiration: The Impersonator

The Impersonator: Take 1 


I left behind my innocence

My identity

The real me. 

It’s been so long

I don’t know if that person exists anymore.

Light a fire

So that I may rekindle the essence of who I really am.

Narrator: She spent years, pawning her image to strangers, haters and naysayers; who  judged her by her past, her appearance and her mistakes. They labeled her with lies. She gave in. So they dictated her future.”Loser” was written across her forehead. If only, she’d stayed true to herself.. What a powerful thing it is, to know your self-worth. To wake up everyday with a purpose and that purpose being the one thing that keeps you going. Knowing that you deserve to survive, to thrive…You deserve to be alive. And strangers, haters and naysayers have a purpose too.. to deceive you, to try to stop you. But ultimately, they come to make you stronger. But she… She didn’t know. Instead, she wallowed in her sorrows and self-pity. So much potential never amounted to anything, because she willfully gave it away to people who never cared. Her life was made up of impersonations. She lived her life, impersonating herself. She was the actor and the strangers, haters and naysayers wrote the script. She followed it. She was never true to her self. She became the definition of a perfect impersonator. She impersonated herself perfectly. None of it was real.

Don’t let the opinions of other people dictate your future. 

Don’t let the labels people put on you, hinder you from reaching your future.

You are worth more than empty dreams. A glass half full.

You are more than potential. You are a success. 

Do be like the girl who impersonated herself. 

Embrace who you are. Everything about you. Don’t be afraid to be different.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made.

Flaws and all.

And you know what? We all fall sometimes.

Don’t let past mistakes dictate your future.

Don’t the labels people put on you define you.

Your future is in Gods hands. Not people.

So trust in him for all eternity.

Don’t worry about what other people are saying behind your back.

Only opinion that matters is Gods, and he knows the facts.

He created you. The way you were meant to be. 

So live each day as the real you, not the counterfeit you.

Because you yourself, don’t deserve to be lied too.




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