Thursday’s Words to Inspire: A New-Found Confidence

Be confident in God, and all that he has created you to be. You are more than potential. You are excellence. So excel. Strive to be the best that  you can be. You owe it to yourself, at the very least. – Floetic Soul


Finally, the day has come. I believe I am ready to talk about this.. my new-found confidence.

So what am I talking about exactly? Well, as many of you may not know, all my life, I have struggled with low-self esteem. For as long as I can remember, I have been the queen of lacking confidence. And that is for one simple reason. I cared too much about what other people thought of me. People are entitled to their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs. And sometimes, there will be people who will label you and falsely accuse you. Thankfully, those things can never define you, unless you alone, give it the power to.

Your past mistakes help develop your potential, if you learn from them. The things that make you stand out, is the very thing that can set you apart and set you on top. Not everybody can be number one. Diversity is what makes this world an amazing place to live in, despite all the negativity (war, violence, hatred, etc.). 

Nineteen years is too long to live in doubt of self-worth and confidence. Not only that, but confidence happens to be the most attractive quality in a person per-say. So if some one is lacking confidence or could use and extra dosage, what should they do?

1. Look to God. Confide in him. He is you confidant. He knows you better than anyone else, because he created you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14, KJV).

2. Put your confidence in God, not in man. “It is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man” (Psalms 118:8, KJV).  Trust in God, for who he has made you to be. Trust his plan for your life. Trust that he knows whats best for you. Trust that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust that he will hear and answer your prayers. Trust in all that he is and all that he can and will do for you!

3. Fake it till you make it. Sometimes you got to walk the walk even though you don’t feel it inside. There is no harm it faking it, because eventually, what you practice will become a habit. So habitually, you will be.. confident!

Truth is, if we try to remain confident on our own, it will never last. Have you ever met somebody who is outgoing, friendly, has a lot of friends, a lot of good things going for them and on top of that, they always seem to be happy and smiling, as if they never have a bad day?  Well, unless they are anything else other than human, they too have bad days.. Whether it’s a bad hair day, sick day, or just a day of lacking confidence… It happens.. to everybody.  So even they, need a new-found confidence. I’m not talking about a temporary confidence… Like, oh! I bought a new outfit, I’m confident cause I look good today and I got a lot of compliments.. I’m talking about an EVERLASTING CONFIDENCE. One that will never fade away. And yes, I do believe that this exists. 

Now, let me just clarify this a little bit more. When I talk about a new-found confidence, I’m not saying that a person won’t ever have a bad day, get their feelings/butt hurt, feel lonely, ugly, depressed or whatever… It’s going to happen sometimes. Let’s face it. However, it is a confidence that won’t break you. If someone calls you a name.. Initially, you may feel bad because you don’t want anyone to think negatively of you, especially if you really are innocent.. Nonetheless, whatever it is, won’t make you start believing and behaving as if you are whatever they said you are. A new-found confidence is a bullet proof confidence, where you don’t get offended and take it personal whenever someone comes against you.

More importantly, if you are a christian, standing strong-representing Jesus Christ, then the bible says that you will be persecuted for Christs sake (Matthew 5:11, KJV). This means that you will be tested and tried with your emotions and self-confidence. Once you know who you are in Christ, then you can truly come to know your self.. And how amazing you really are! Once we have attained a new-found confidence, then we can truly become all that God has intended for us to be. Until then, we will just remain a bundle of potential. We must become strong, steadfast and unmovable, just like we should be.

I have not yet fully attained a new-found confidence, but I must say, I am well on my way. I am not where I use to be, that’s for sure. I have been praying and asking God for confidence and courage. Thankfully, my prayers are being answered. So I know, it can work for you too. 

Prayer Starter: 

Father God, in the name of Jesus. Today, I want to thank you for all that you have created me to be. I ask you, to bless me with a new kind of confidence. Help me to trust you with my life and everything in it. Lead me, guide me, direct my paths. I pray to make the right decisions. It is my desire to be confident in you, and all that you have created me to be. Thank you for loving me and making me one of a kind. In Jesus name I pray, amen. 

Thanks for reading. 


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