She Got a Hug, I Got a Handshake..


Some things never change. Some people never change. But my attitude will change.

– Floetic Soul 

medium_2843772252Not only can situations be stumbling blocks in our lives, but so can people. Some people are placed in our lives, simply to challenge us. God wants to prove us to be steadfast and unmovable in our trials. Trials don’t come to break us down, they come to make us stronger. But we will find ourselves going in circles, struggling with the same ol’ things if we do not give up our attitude.

I know what  your probably thinking.. ‘We all have an attitude,’ agreed. However, our attitude has got to be in check. It’s got to be right, if we want to move right on ahead. We will find our selves stuck, trying to climb over the same hurdles, when all we have to do is jump over the hurdle. Give up the attitude. Give up the negativity. Focus on something positive. Count it a blessing that God considered you worthy, he considered you strong enough to handle whatever it is that you are going through.

Today, ‘I got a handshake, she got a hug,’ and yes, I am referring to “him.” I found myself, momentarily disappointed with the situation that I was in. I wasn’t so much as angry with the person, but with the fact that I realized this situation is not going to change… However, my attitude will. And that is what will get me leaping over this hurdle. As I write this blog, I am mentally embracing this challenge head on. I was chosen by God to go through this. He knew I could handle this, so long as I trust in him.

See, too many people are trying to depend on themselves and other people. All we got to do is depend on God. He will not only strengthen us and help us, but he will be our strength, he will be our help. Our help is in the name of the Lord which made heaven and earth (Psalms 124:8, KJV).

What I am going through seems unfair. It seems as if it is never-ending. I wonder if the tables will ever turn… I honestly don’t know how things will pan out in the end. But one thing I do know is this: My attitude, my frame of mind, my way of thinking.. It is changing, right now. I refuse to remain unhappy, cowering in my disappointment alone. Why have a nasty attitude about the situation and the people causing my turmoil if it’s not hurting anyone but myself. I see no logic in that. I tried to scream aloud with the frown on my face, and my eyes glaring at her until she looked my way. But it didn’t work. She walked away without a care in the world, ignorant to my dismal. Ya see, there is just no point in remaining unhappy when I don’t have to be. It really is as simply as changing your thoughts from negative to positive. Mind over matter. Like Nike says, ‘Just do it’ and I say, Kick butt doin’ it!

You may be down, but you’re not meant to stay down. You are meant to rise above it all. So today, I encourage you to pick yourself up, dust yourself up, hold your head up high and make up in your heart and mind that you will keep moving forward. You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but do not give up, ever! A challenge always comes before the blessing.. think about it. ‘She got a hug, I got a handshake’…  But that was today. Nobody said that was going to be the case tomorrow. 




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