One and Only


“Make God YOUR priority. And HE will make YOU, HIS priority.” – Floetic Soul 

medium_1126113609Make God my priority. This is the challenge that I must aim to achieve. I have so many desires, dreams and aspirations that I wish to attain in this life. But all those things are secondary. None of those really matter. Have I always felt that way though? No. Absolutely not.

Over the past few days, God has been dealing with me, about making him number one in my life. Him, and him alone must be my one and only. Yes, I desire a stronger relationship with my family and bond with my friends. Yes, I would love to get married someday! Yes, I want to travel the world, ministering to troubled youth through my poetry and motivational speaking.. However, all that is secondary, in comparison to my relationship with Jesus Christ. When it comes down to my relationship with him, all those things must take the back seat.

Recently, God ripped away a piece of my heart. He eternally, separated me from something that meant the world to me. In fact, I happened to love it more than my sibling at one point in time. That is a dangerous place to be. If we claim to love God, then we must love our neighbors as we love our self. We cannot hate our brothers and claim to love God at the same time. That makes us a liar. And that, we don’t wanna be. Not only that, but our love will be tested. Therefore, we must pray and strive to have a love that is both pure and unwavering. My love was tested. And I failed. This proved that I loved “it” more than I loved my neighbors and God. God decided that it was time for me to let that thing go. Or chances are, I’d be stuck in the old mindset I was in before hand. In a frame of mind that would not allow me to love like I should, or put God first, always. 

Losing something that means the world to you.. a loved one.. is heartbreaking. It is just earth-shattering. But it is something we will all experience in this life. And even though it may seem negative, there is always a silver lining. For me, the silver lining is that, I can no longer use “my lost love” as a crutch for comfort or as an excuse. I have to depend on God, 110%. Now, you must be thinking, shouldn’t I have known to do that before? The answer to that is yes, I should have. However, love can be blinding at times. But.. My eyes have now been opened. And, I am able to clearly see the error of my way, even though nobody else may understand. 

God does not take us through challenging experiences to break us down and make us run away. He allows us to go through challenging experiences to break us down and bring us closer to him. For me, it was a wake up call. For so long, I’ve had the habit of running away from God whenever something bad would happen. I couldn’t run away and hide this time. I had to return to the place in which I belonged. 

Honestly, after what I went through last week.. I just want to spend more time with God. I want to put him first.. and lift him up. Even though I am still grieving. Even though my heart is saddened by the loss. Slowly but surely, I reached a place where I could still lift up my eyes to the heavens and say ‘God, you are still worthy of my praise.’ It’s a tough thing to do, when you are going through and you know that God is the one who allowed it to take place. 

Today, I encourage you to make God your number one priority. Stop worrying about all your heart’s desires and focus on God. Try praying for 1 week, without begging God for a boyfriend/Husband, a raise, a new car, etc.  And focus on strengthening your one-on-one relationship with him. Fix your relationship with him, before you concentrate on beginning a new relationship/friendship with some one else. And! Even before you try to mend the broken relationships that may be in your life. Yes, all of those relationships are important.. In fact, they are important to Christ as well. Make God your priority, and he will make YOU, HIS priority. Make it your intention to show God a lil’ mo’ love for WHO he is. And he will make it HIS intention, to show up and show out in your life!! 

Prayer Starter: Father God, I thank you for each and every one of these lovely readers today! Father, I ask you to forgive us of our sins. Everything we have done, said, and thought, that has not been pleasing to you, we ask for your forgiveness. Grant us mercy and favor to fight another day, as we live as a representation of you and your love for humanity. I pray that you lead us and guide us, in our hearts, to the place where you desire for us to be. Help us to hear you and obey you without hesitation. Lord comfort us, in our trials. Strengthen us to go through, so that you may be glorified. Help us to realize that what we go through is not about us, but it is so someone else can see that there IS hope IN you. And that you are that hope. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 

God bless you & Thank you for reading!


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