What the Funk??!!


One morning, I woke up, and was like… ‘What the funk is goin’ on here!’

Little did I know, that I was embarking upon a lousy journey of funkiness.

It began on a Monday! Of course, you know how much us “non-morning people” love Mondays’… And, it didn’t end until the next Monday of the following week. 1 week.. 7 long days of FUNK. All day, Err’day,  I was like.. What the funk!!

Soo.. Here’s how I got out of my funk.


First things first, I took time out for myself.  Don’t consider it selfish to take time out for yourself among other things. To achieve that “perfect balance” in life, sometimes you have to do things a little differently. For me, that meant, setting aside everything else, and putting ME first.


small__222403868Do you ever over think things? I know I do. Sometimes, I get so focused on my agenda, that I forget to be myself.. I mean, the laid back, easy-going, go with the flow version of myself. Sometimes I get so caught up in what I’m doing, that I forget to.. Breathe? Okay, maybe not that caught up, but you know what I mean! For some it’s a challenge, but for me, it’s easy to focus on the details of things, that I forget to look at the big picture. The big picture is a masterpiece, which is well on its way to being complete. That means, that I don’t have to obsess over it. Especially, over things that are pretty much out of my control. So instead of thinking twice about every little thing, I will just do me. I will do what comes natural to me. That will immediately eliminate excess anxiety and worry.


small__9787795344Push fear aside and step outside your comfort zone. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Why? Because you will appreciate the experience even more! Not only should you try something new, but you should enjoy the little things. I know it sounds silly, but you should try to find the beauty in the small things.. Like, the smell of the rain. Or the warmth of your bed on cold mornings.. Things that you know you enjoy, but never really think twice about. Take hold of those things. Embrace them. Those are the things that will get you through the rough patch of funkiness. Despite how negative you may feel, you still have something worth smiling and laughing about! You may just have to work a little harder to find it right now, and that’s okay. We all must go through.. the funk.


Stay active. Don’t sit and wallow like and bump on a log. Get up, get out, socialize and keep yourself energized. It’s perfectly fine, to have a movie night.. To curl up under the sheets, with hot coco, watching Love Jones, but don’t do that all day everyday just because you’re in a funk. Make sure you keep a healthy balance. Get out, and stay active. Got to the gym, go jogging, do yoga, whatever floats your boat! As long as you do something that’ll make you feel alive, get the blood flowing through your veins, get your heart pumping.. Just stay active. Here’s the catch: Try doing it by yourself. Spend some quality time with “You, Yourself & I.” Then when your out of the funk.. Make it a point to meet new people! 



Take out time, everyday, to reflect on all the good things that have happened in your life. All the goals you have achieved, all the people you have met that have influenced your life in a positive way, everything that you are blessed to have, all the places you have gone.. Anything and everything positive that you can think of, focus on it. Doubt, worry, and negative thoughts may come to your mind.. That’s life. It happens. However, we each have ‘freedom of choice’ to choose what we allow our minds to meditate on. You have the power to make the conscious decision to think on positive things or negative things. It’s your choice. So choose, to focus on the positive!




Relax. Have patience. The funk you’re in, it won’t last forever. It may seem like it’s never-ending, but I assure you, you will literally, wake up one morning, and feel like a brand new person. At least, I did. BUT! You have to make up your mind from the very beginning, that you are going to come out of this funk you are in. You can’t wallow within it, and throw a pity party every night! Embrace the funk, and realize that it’s probably just your’ bodies way of saying, ‘Hey You! Yessss… You! Stop neglecting yourself and focus on you! Your due for a little “me” time.’  Allow your self to re-generate, physically, mentally and emotionally. Often times, we get so use to running here and running there and being constantly on the go, that we don’t realize our social lives can be draining us into a dry pit. Relax. Have patience. Wait it out. It won’t last forever.


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