“The future ain’t what it used to be.”

-Yogi Berra 


Ignite (Getting There) 

This is for the girl and the boy
Who has been told no, multiple times
This is for the girl, the boy
Who was told they’d never be somebody
This is for the girl and the boy
Who has been told they are not good enough
This is for the girl, to the boy
Who has been degraded, fat shamed, skinny shamed
Left out or abandoned
This is for the girl, the boy
Who was told he is too short, too tall
Too shy or not talented enough
This is for the girl and the boy
Who grew up in the streets
This is for the child who had nothing to eat
This is for the big brothers, big sisters
Who was left to raise their siblings on their own
This is for the child, who were constantly on the move in foster care
To the one who never had a place to call home
This is to the boy, who was raised by his mother
Whose father was a boy, not man enough to teach him to be what he isn’t
This is to the girl, to the boy
Who couldn’t afford to abide by Hollywood trends
This is for the one who became a victim of an eating disorder
Cause they weren’t model stick thin
This is for the girl and the boy
Who was told that being who they are is a sin
For the girl and the boy, that was fed the bread of lies
This is for those who were swatted away like flies
This is for you, who was never hugged or embraced
This is to you, who is always on the chase
Chasing after a dream that has been trampled under the foot of haters and naysayers
To those of you, who are full of potential, but are just waiting to dance in the aftermath
It’s your turn
To ignite…

There is a fire burning in your eyes
It was lit by your creator
So no man can put it out
No one can dim the shine
Not even the pain, cause even the rain is a prelude to the promise
Of the sun breaking through the dark clouds, to shine again

And even though you’ve been last in line
These words haunt you
The first shall be last and the last shall be first
So never ignore the thirst, rising from the pits of your soul
You know, that feeling, of warmth down inside
That overflowing joy and satisfaction
That moment of recognition and familiarity
Clarity, déjà vu
That indescribable moment that cannot be matched
Because, when you’ve arrived
You feel as if you have finally found home, after a long journey
It’s been a long time coming
And you knew all along, that is where you were meant to be
Even though that fire has been ignited since birth
You were born into a world of sin
And sin delivered its curse, a lack of self-worth
Doubt, fear, and lies
But your creator
Held you in the palm of his hands from the very beginning
He wouldn’t let that stumbling block break you
He intended for it to make you
Handpicked, chosen, there are few
Who got that inner beauty and talent that you do
The gift, the charisma
The passion, the ambition
The struggle, the story
And the bravery to share it with the world
The selflessness to plant a seed, grow a garden
Because your story is your testimony
And your testimony is a gift

Share it
Your creator gave you a lift
He gave you a voice
Now you have a choice
He has enabled you to prick the stone cold hearts
And the thick skulls of the close minded
So if you find it in your heart to begin
Step out on faith
Not to meet fame
But to introduce the world to change
Cause the fire that’s burning inside of you
It was lit by your maker
And though it may fade, he won’t let it die
He won’t let anyone put it out, unless you give them the power to


You are more than what you’ve been through
Your struggles don’t define you
They only build your character, if you let them
But this means living outside of your comfort zone
It means taking the road the less traveled
It means setting your own trend
It means beginning where people told you it would end
And living your own truth

So coming up short, being told no, being last in line
Means nothing to your future
It was only meant to propel you
It was all about getting there
Cause if you keep on traveling the straight and narrow
For a little while longer
The road will be reversed, soon you will be first
Cause that fire, has been ignited for eternity
So the only thing that’s left to do is to turn up!

Turn up the fire
And let the negativity burn
All the no’s, the cant’s and wont’s
Let it burn
Give em’ hell
Cause you were born with a purpose
People can’t give you that
So don’t let their opinions define you
Don’t let them tell you what you are capable of
The best revenge is to do exactly what they said you couldn’t
And to keep going when they say, you shouldn’t
Cause there is a fire in your eyes
It was lit by your creator
No man can put it out
No one can dim the shine, so

Last month I attended an open mic. I love going to open mics, not only to perform, but to be inspired. I have found that the best motivation, for me, is being surrounded by like-minded people. People who love art. People who love sharing their gift, and freedom of expression. I love witnessing growth and potential. I love witnessing bravery, people stepping on stage, pouring out their hearts, sharing their life story, or just a little part of them.

That night, there was a variety of talent that graced the stage. But there was one in particular that remains tattooed in my memory. He was a young man, maybe in high school or fresh out, and he sang a song. It wasn’t the song he sang the struck me, but it was him… His talent… it was raw and inspiring. He may not have had the best voice, but there was potential. All I could think about was how, with voice lessons and some guidance, he could really do something. To the point of, getting a chair to turn on The Voice. I was mesmerized by his potential, his capabilities. All I could see, is what he could be. And it got me thinking… There are so many talented young people in this world, who don’t have anyone to invest in them. They have a gift, but don’t quite know what to do with it. So many, are just one opportunity way from making a difference in this world.

This young mans performance provoked me to thought… What about all the people who are under privileged? Those who have not attended the best schools, and have not been exposed to life changing programs that invest in their talents; developing their skills and giving them the tools to be successful in life. So many are just “getting by.”

There was just something about his performance.. his voice… something that stirred something on the inside of me. A desire, an urge to consider the young people who have a voice but aren’t being heard. Those who really want to make it… Someday, I hope to be in a place where I can help someone, make their dreams come true. But for now, I will use my poetry as a weapon, to fight for them, to stand in the gap. Because I too, am full of potential. Just grateful, for a chance.


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