Forge Your Own Path


When you forge your own path, you don’t have to worry about anyone disrupting your progress, because it’s a new path, created and customized by you, for you. They won’t know whats coming up next, because you haven’t gotten there yet.

– Floetic Soul 


Of course, we’ve all heard of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, but have you heard of these successful individuals who forged their own path to success? 


Michael Dell


☆ He is the founder of Dell Computers

☆ His net worth is about $20 billion


➤ Walt Disney 


☆ He is the founder of Walt Disney Company

☆ He was a high school dropout


➤ Ellen Degeneres


☆We all know who Ellen is…!  Comedian and TV Show Host

☆ She dropped out of college after 1 semester


Rachael Ray


☆ She is an Author, TV Show Host, Cooking Star

☆ She never attended college

☆ She does not have traditional training from a culinary school


Anne Beiler


☆ She is the Co-founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

☆ She is a multi-millionaire

☆ She dropped out of high school


Charles Culpeper


☆ He is the Owner and CEO of Coca Cola

☆ He dropped out of high school


Coco Chanel


☆She is the Founder of Chanel (fashion brand)

☆ She dropped out of high school


David Karp


☆ He is the Founder of Tumblr

☆ He did not got to college


These are 8 individuals who have forged their own path. The attained success even though they didn’t do it the way many of us are told we have to do it. Growing up, it was strongly reinforced that in order to get a good job and make good money, you have to go to college, no exceptions. And, even though I have graduated from University with a degree, and plan to keep going, that doesn’t mean that college is my only option. Yes, it’s a great path to take, but it’s not the only one. Sometimes life happens, and can disrupt our plans. That doesn’t mean it has to disrupt our dreams. It just means that we’ll have to take another pathway to get to our dreams. 

There are many ways to get to success.. It doesn’t matter how you get there… As long as it’s legal and isn’t a sex tape.. You should be good! Some of have dreams that a degree won’t get us. Sure, a degree can qualify us to work for a company, making great money to build someone else’s dream, but it’s not always our own. It’s encouraging that many people are discovering this and are deciding to make a change. They are deciding to step out on faith and make their own dream a reality. 





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Why your dream can come true in 2016..!

The Reason Why Your Dream Will Come True…

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

-Anatole France

If you are wondering what your purpose in life is, there is a chance that it is connected to your gift or passion. What are you gifted in doing? Or, what are you passionate about? Often times, it is our gift and passion that is connected to our destiny.

After you have discovered what your gift is or what you are passionate about, it is important to recognize that no matter what happens during your pursuit to success, your dream is possible. Your goal can be accomplished

So many people are living and dying with potential, never living the life they were created to live. Never doing what God gave them the ability to do. We must know that whatever we have gone thru has been preparation and sooner or later it will be go time! We have to stay focused on Christ, so we don’t miss our set time.

The reason so many people are not living out their dreams is because they are living under negativity. They may have been told they can’t do it, its not possible, they’ll never be somebody and that they should be more practical. However, they still have a flame burning on the inside. And no matter how much negativity is covering it, its still there. But today, I want to let you know, that your dream is possible! Not because a human being says it is, but because God says it is possible.

Whatever dream or goals that you have can be fulfilled, regardless of what other people think. It only matters what you think.. That you believe its possible. Knowing, that with God all things are possible!

Mark 9:23 says,
Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (NKJV).

Believe it!
Happy New Year, Thanks 4 Reading!!

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Stay in Your Lane!

When you’re in your own lane, there is no traffic!


Have you ever found yourself driving down the highway, when out of nowhere, the car in the lane beside you begins to swerve in your direction!?  So you turn and give them the death stare, and yell “What is your problem? Stay in your lane!” Or, something like that… Well! I know the feeling, it can be frustrating, as, it happens in Phoenix all the time. Low-key, it is probably *texting and driving*   Anyway, I said all of that, only to say this… stay in your lane! Not just on the highway, but in every aspect of your life. Whatever it is you want to do with your life, I am sure that you want to be successful. One of the keys to success, happens to be… “stay in your lane!”

Don’t compare yourself to other people. While it is okay to admire and learn from those who are more experienced or well seasoned at what they do, it is not okay, to compare yourself and belittle your own talent, gift and ability. 

If God has called you to do something and you happen to do it differently than someone else, embrace the difference and do you! You have a different purpose, that you were called to. You were birthed into this world to fulfill a different purpose, to satisfy a different need than the other. Dare to be different. Don’t be afraid of being different. Yes, you will get tired of me saying “stay in your lane” and “different,” but please hear me out.. I beg you! Do not compare yourself to someone else. God has entrusted you with a specific gift, he did not give to someone else an identical, he gave it to you. Even if it appears to be same, its not. He trusts you, to own your craft and to put in work, to be the best that you can possibly be. Not, to measure up to someone else. Don’t belittle what God has given you or what you are capable of doing.


If you don’t know which lane you belong in, then remember this: It’s okay to venture in another lane, before you fully recognize where you belong. Now, I realize that sounds hypocritical and completely contradicts everything I’ve been telling you. However, I want you to know that if you find yourself swerving into an unfamiliar lane, learn from that experience. See, if you were to swerve and hit or come close to hitting another vehicle, I’m sure you’d learn your lesson. Next time, you would be less likely to do whatever it was that caused you to lose focus and swerve into another lane. Likewise, learn from every experience. If you find yourself outside of your comfort zone, learn from it. Now you know, that is or is not where you belong.

Stay in your lane..

This simply means to be exactly who God created you to be. Accept that you were not created to be a carbon  copy of somebody else. Too many people are striving to be reflections of their idols, the people that they look up to and aspire to be. It is okay to admire them and to follow their examples. However, we must not let it take away from our individual assignment, which is to be individual! Be who you are, exclusively. And when you do this, you will notice that not everyone will applaud your moves. Not everyone will support you. And, not everyone will understand you. That is okay! In fact, in most cases, that means that you are doing something right.

All I’m saying is…

So stay in your lane, for the safety of yourself and others. Someone is waiting for you to make an impact, to make a difference in this world. This cannot be done if you are trying to be like someone else or live up to someone else’s standards. Live up to Christ’s standards, because at the ended of the day, he created you and his standards are the only one’s that really matter anyway.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You were created to do great things. Stay in your lane and don’t be afraid of change. Acknowledge God in all of your ways and he will direct your path! That is a path that will lead you to success.

How to stay in your lane…

Seek God, to develop an understanding of your purpose and what he has called you to do, in order to fulfill that purpose. Once you have a good understanding of what you are called to do, then other things and other people will not be able to sway you or discourage you. You will be able to stand firm in your calling, and not be moved by any gust of wind blowing your way. It’s okay to be you-nique and to do things the way that you do it. Don’t try to do it like anybody else. Stay in your lane.